Available to use in most Spas & Hot Tubs

High water temperatures combined with a wet environment make a perfect target for bacteria growth, which is why Great Barrier replacement spa filters are made by using Reemay Liberty with Microban

This exclusive product inhibits the growth of bacteria that causes stains, odours and the overall degradation of your cartridge filter surface, and because Microban technology is built right into the fabric, it cannot wash out !


Every Great Barrier cartridge is supplied with a set of stickers to place in your calendar, reminding you to clean your cartridge monthly and to replace it regularly.

These Great Barrier replacement filter cartridges are not just available for our own spas, they are also available to be used everyday in most other spas, jacuzzi & hot tubs, also available without Microban.

Hydrofun Spas 35ft2  318mm x 132mm Jacuzzi 52ft2  170mm x 392mm
Arctic Spas 25ft2  338mm x 125mm Jacuzzi J200 50ft2 338mm x 125mm
Arctic Spas 50ft2 338mm x 125mm Maax Spas 45ft2 210mm x 152mm
Beachcomber 25ft2 338mm x 125mm Marquis Spas 50ft2 318mm x 132mm
Beachcomber 50ft2 338mm x125mm Master Ecopure 40ft2 200mm x 71mm
Canadian Spas 45ft2 210mm x 152mm Rainbow Hot Tubs 50ft2 125mm x 331mm
Canadian Spas 50ft2 338mm x 125mm Rainbow Hot Tubs 75ft2 125mm x 509mm
Catalina Spas 45ft2 210mm x 152mm Spaform Spas 35ft2 125mm x 117mm
DI Spas 75ft2 265mm x 176mm Spaform Spas 45ft2 210mm x 152mm
Everyday Hot Tubs 35ft2 318mm x 132mm Sundance Spas 125ft2 215mm x 471mm
Hot Springs Spas 30ft2 267mm x 152mm Sundance Microclean 80ft2 215mm x 355mm
Hot Springs Spas 65ft2 215mm x 270mm Sundance Spas 02> 125ft2 483mm x 216mm
Hydropool Hot Tubs 50ft2 338mm x 125mm
Hydrospa Hot Tubs 35ft2 235mm x 125mm

If you cannot find the Spa Filter you are looking for, please see the Filter Chart below and E mail us with details. The more information you can provide the better. As a minimum we will need to know the height and diameter of your filter (in mm's if possible), the type of ends it has at the top and bottom of the filter, along with any other information you might have. If you know what make your Hot Tub is then please let us know along with any codes you might find inscribed on your filter, again if possible please E mail us a picture with your details.