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Spa / Hot Tub Floating Derby Ducks

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Look what we have just found hidden away.

An old time favourite, just a bit of fun to add to your therapeutic experience, or a bit of company for those of you who bathe alone, a new friend to try and catch when the blowers are on.

  • Go on and give a Duck a home !

These small and squashy floating Derby Ducks (except Ultimate Duck 10" high) will keep you amused while you bathe.

Choose from ;

  • Aloha ! Duck
  • Captain Duck
  • Diver Duck
  • Lifeguard Duck
  • Sunny Duck
  • Surfer Duck
  • Ultimate Duck*

Each duck has its own character for that extra cool look. So if you don't mind sharing your tub with a little friend, buy one now and give a Duck a new home ! (at the moment they are living a tiny box on top of a very high shelf waiting to be loved).

* Measuring a whopping 10" high and wearing a sou'wester, you can make a real splash in your spa with our giant Ultimate Duck.

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