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Sol+ Guard Geo (Double) Bubble

• GeoBubble is a new innovative swimming pool bubble solar and heat retention cover material created through extensive research and development that has been scientifically designed to improve the lifespan of the material.

• The double bubble shape has been developed specifically for use in swimming pool covers with a design that has many extra benefits compared to a traditional bubble material.

• GeoBubble (double bubble) has a distinctive shape that is unique and will catch pool owners attention.
• The next generation of premium swimming pool bubble cover material and is available in the Sol+Guard,EnergyGuard and CoolGuard range.

The two bubbles are joined together by a thick waistline structure, resulting in a larger footprint area that is more resistant to air expansion. By reducing the stress on the material this leads to an increased product lifespan.

The smooth shape and uniform thickness results in reduced stress and less thin points in the bubble. By eliminating these stress points the product will not prematurely fail through UV or chemical attack.

In comparison to a traditional bubble’s weakest points the material is 50% thicker. This thicker material will take longer to breakdown, increasing the life of the cover.