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Plastica Wooden Swimming Pool Assembly Service

Our Price: £650.00

Some of our customers prefer to use our wooden pool preperation & assembly services rather than assemble their pools themselves.

Price shown is for a straight forward, (out of season) 4m Wooden Premium Pool Assembly, on a prepared base within 50 miles of Reading, however costs will vary depending on where in the country you are located and how much work you require us to undertake. As demand for instalation is extremely high at the height of the season, we strongly recommend that you prepare your purchase in advance, this way we have enough time to slot your preperation and assembly into our 2011/12 pre/post-season build schedule and you get to enjoy the most of the up and coming/next season.

Before we can start assembling your pool, there are a number of important factors to consider, unless you already have a large enough clear and even block paving area, you will need to arrange for a suitable (normally 4 inch concrete) base to be cast that can support the weight of your new pool. Additionally if you are purchasing a stretched octagonal pool, it is most likely that the steel braces that support the pools walls will also need to be set into the concrete base whilst casting, so preperation prior to pool assembly is essential, all of which we can help you with. If you are having an optional underwater light and/or a pool heater/heat pump fitted, then you will need to arrange seperately with your own electrician to have these items connected directly to your mains power supply.

Exact quotation costs for the preperation and assembly of your Wooden Pool are calculated and agreed based on the specific pool kit and accessories purchased, along with factors such as the distance to site our team has to travel, any access restrictions, site terrain, any other work we may be undertaking on site for you, whether the pool is to be submersed or semi-submerged within the ground surroundings/decking etc, removal of any spoil/debris, any specialist equipment hire needed, along with any other particular requirements that may need to be taken into consideration either by yourselves or us.

For further assembly and base preperation information Please Call us 0845 680 0854 E mail Sales@funfantastic.com