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Plastica 5.1m x 7.5m Eco Wooden Swimming Pool

Plastica 5.1m x 7.5m Eco Stretched Octagonal Wooden Pool
Plastica 5.1m x 7.5m Eco Stretched Octagonal Wooden Pool Plastica 5.1m x 7.5m Eco Stretched Octagonal Wooden Pool
Plastica 5.1m x 7.5m Eco Stretched Octagonal Wooden Pool Plastica 5.1m x 7.5m Eco Stretched Octagonal Wooden Pool
Our Price: £4,795.00
Pool Upgrades

  • Thick Redwood Wooden Structure
  • Can be submerged into ground 
  • 10 Year Warranty On Pool Walls 
  • 2-piece Softwood Top Shelf
  • Fixing Kit for top-down fixings
  • Corner Cover Strips
  • Internal Stainless Steel Ladder
  • External Softwood ladder
  • Felt Underlay for the Floor
  • 0.375mm Plain Blue Over Lap Liner
  • Skimmer & Return Fitting
  • 0.33hp Filter Pump
  • 380mm Filter Tank & Sand
  • 6-way Multiport Valve
  • Flexible Pipe & Fittings Kit
  • DVD Installation Manual
  • Wall height approx 1.15 metres (46 inch)
  • Holds Approx 32,500 Ltrs

Built and delivered as a complete package on two pallets to your kerbside either from our own physical stocks or directly from the factory, normally within only 3 to 5 working days, this new to the market Eco Wooden Pool is the largest in the new Eco range.
All of our wooden pools are comprehensively backed by an industry leading 10 year manufacturer warranty on the pools walls, along with a five year warranty on the pools blue mosaic tileband 30 thou liner, and 12 months on all electrical, filtration and accessory equipment.
Plastica Wooden Pools are probably the best value Wooden Pools that are Manufactured and sold in the UK today
Plastica Eco Wooden Pools are made of natural high grade timber, your wooden pool will blend beautifully into the landscape and give you years of pleasure. These octagonal pools can be assembled above ground, they can also be fully or semi-submerged into the ground, they are often incorporated into a patios decking design to complement their finish further.
If you are assembling this pool to use above, or partly above ground (semi-submerged), you will need to buy version 1 of this kit with steel under bracing support for the walls. The steel under bracing sits underneath the pool on a prepared base to support the walls.
If you are fully submerging your pool completely into the ground, you may not need to use a steel under brace system providing you carefully backfill the area between the outer pool walls and surrounding ground as you fill your pool, so you will need kit 2.
Our new Eco Wooden Pool Packages provide even more value for their money; they are designed to sit below the Premium range at a lower cost. Whilst they are not as highly specified as the Premium Range of pools, they are still built to the same quality and compared to other pools on the market still have a fantastic over riding specification.
Eco filtration systems consist of a combination filter pump with filter tank along with a flexible hose and fittings kit. All of our Eco Wooden pools are supplied as standard with a stretchy 0.375mm thick plain blue overlap liner for ease of installation, along with a felt underlay to help give the floor a nice soft and smooth finish.

Plastica have sourced reliable quality wood from the global supply chain that has been precision cut and pressure treated to the optimum standard.

All the structural wood is treated with TANALITH E Extra in the controlled conditions of a vacuum pressure impregnation plant to protect the wood against fungal rot and insect attact, ensuring a long service life, hence the ten year warranty on the wooden pool walls.


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