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Panel Swimming Pool Kits

Building your own in-ground swimming pool might at first sound like a daunting task, but it will not only save you a lot of money compared to a new pool build, it can be fantastic fun and a very rewarding experience.

At Fun Fantastic we have a large selection of swimming pool kits that you can buy as a complete kit (except your raw materials such as sand, ballast and cement that you can buy locally) or a number of smaller kits that are available to buy individually for each step of your swimming pool installation.

The idea is simple and proven; depending on a customer’s confidence and level of DIY ability to install their own pool will depend on which type of swimming kit they buy. Customers who can build or find a local builder to put up and render their own block work tend to opt for our Block and Liner Pool kits, those who prefer not to build walls can use our time saving bolt together Polymer Resin Panels to construct their swimming pool.

For customers who would like some help, or the project to be completely undertaken for them, including all excavation and spoil removal work, then Fun Fantastic have a national swimming pool installation team that can assist with full or partial installations throughout most of the year. A typical 32ft x 16ft swimming pool installation using our Polymer Panels usually only takes us around 10 days, but if you just need help with the pools floor screed, fitting the liner, connecting your pools pipework to your filtration and heating equipment, we are here to help and to save you money.