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Northwind Spas EL7C Canadian Hot Tub

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Northwind Hot Tubs are the very best in affordable Spas.  Manufactured in CANADA, they are built to survive extreme climates worldwide.
  • Compact 7 Foot Hot Tub Design
  • 211 x 211 x 90cm Measurements / 350kg dry
  • 1250 Litres Water Capacity / 1600kg filled
  • 6 Person Hot Tub Seating including Lounger
  • 50 sq.ft. Filtration System with choice of either ;
  • EL7C25   1 x 3 BHP Smart Pump with SS* 25 Jets
  • EL7C40  2 x 3 BHP Smart Pumps with SS* 40 Jets
  • *Stainless Steel Swirl Jet Accents
  • Ozone Purification System
  • NorthWind Digital Control Panel / Balboa
  • Underwater Safety Light - white
  • Lit 3.5" Blade Adjustable Waterfall & Laminar Water Ropes
  • Air Venturi's & Gate Valves
  • 4 x Comfortable Headrests
  • Tapered Thermal Heat Retention Cover



Northwind EL Series 7C50 models have more jets than the same sized EL Series 7C25 models, along with dual 3 BHP Smart Pumps, to push all the water around. The C in the later part of the model number stands for Captain Chair, so this Hot Tub does not come with a Lounger Seat incorporated within the design, you can buy this Hot Tub with a Lounger seat by clicking here. The 7 refers to the overall foot print size of the hot tub, in this case 7 x 7 foot.

All models are supplied with a durable and stylish Chestnut coloured synthetic cabinet. Individual synthetic boards are textured with a grain pattern. Each synthetic panel is lined with a thick layer of dense foam topped with a heat reflective foil, preventing heat loss and saving energy. The spa also comes with a brown ridged thermal energy saver cover that is tapered from 4 to 2.5 inch to help rain water run off, which also insulates and protects your spa.

These low profile spas have a height of 90cm and are built to provide the highest value for the absolute lowest price. The EL Series is crafted with the same quality materials as other Northwind models, but is manufactured using a more streamlined production process. This allows Northwind Hot Tubs to offer a more modest price tag that is more attractive to first-time spa buyers.

The Northwind EL7 foot compact footprint allows this Spa to fit on most patios without looking too big or out of place; the Hot Tubs sleek height design, even allows for the Tub to be lifted on its side so it can be taken through most 3ft wide back yard gates whilst keeping installation and delivery costs to a minimum.

All Northwind EL Series Spas are loaded with the most popular standard features which allow the Canadian ISO9001 / 2008 quality managed factory to build these spas faster. You may find a Spa that has a lower price tag than a Northwind EL Series Hot Tub, but you won't find one made to the same quality standards that these are meticulously handmade to. You can still configure your exact specification above, so order on-line here in the United Kingdom and we will deliver directly to your door straight from the Canadian factory once your spa is built.