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Intelligent DIY Saunas

At Fun Fantastic we do not sell cheap Saunas, just a selection of good quality hand crafted genuine cedar sauna cabinets that comply with ISO9001:2000 and ISO14001 /2004 standards at fantastic prices.

Take a look at our Intelligent Sauna Range and you will see that quality does not need to be compromised by the price you pay; all we ask is that you assemble these Sauna Kits yourselves following the fast track and easy to build instructions we supply. If you get stuck, (which we doubt you will), just call the 0845* Fun Fantastic telephone helpline (* FREE from most BT Landlines) and we will talk you through the process, if you can put an Ikea Bedroom Wardrobe together then chances are, you should have no problem understanding our instructions and step by step picture guides.

Of course it goes without saying, Fun Fantastic Intelligent Infa-red Saunas are supplied with everything you would expect as standard from Sauna cabins costing twice as much, if not thrice.

So if you want a long life, carbon fibre infa-red heater, (for superior heat distribution and optimum health benefits), an intelligent double-faced easy to use control panel, crisp LED reading and external lights, Stereo MP3/CD Player with Speakers, all thrown in with your package, buy an Intelligent Infa-red Sauna, simple DIY assemble package.