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Inflatable Spa Bar

Our Price: £19.99

  • Inflatable spa caddy
  • Includes multiple food and drink cavities
  • Features water weighted stability chambers
  • Free-floats or anchors on spa ledge/chamber
  • Approx Size 70cm x 50cm

The inflatable Spa Bar is the answer to every Hot Tub / Spa owners dreams, an inflatable Spa caddy with water weighted stability chambers that can either be used to float in your spa with you, or mounted on the side / chamber of your Hot Tub / Lay-Z-Spa.

No longer will you need to keep getting out of your spa to fetch your food or drinks, this inflatable caddy as multiple sized food and drink cavities that you can use to store your provisions in / on.

The Spa Bar also has two incorporated handles so that you can easily maneuver/  carry your spa bar around with you.