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Hot Tub / Spa CoverMate II (understyle) Lid Lifter

Our Price: £195.00

  • Fits virtually any spa from 1.72m to 2.44m in width
  • Fits spas with corners up to 254m radius
  • Clearance required to rear of spa 457mm
  • Clearance required to side of spa 127mm
  • Fits to or under Plastic / Wooden sided Hot Tubs
  • Click here for assembly instructions

We offer a wide range of cover lifters for your spa.

Fixed by a plate slipped under the spa base, the CoverMate II is great for providing a less resticted view when in the open position and requires just 18" of clearance behind the spa.

Black powder coated finish and superior frame strength ensure years of effortless cover removal.

Suitable for spas up to 8' maximum.

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Cover not included.