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Fun Fantastic Pool Spa Bromine 20g Mini Tabs Tablets

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20g Bromine Tablets

1-Bromo-3-Chloro-5, 5-Dimenthythydantoin

(Daily Water Sanitisation)

Swimming Pool & Spa water needs to be sanitised to ensure bather safety. Bacteria will rapidly multiply in pool and spa water that remains unsanatised.

Bromine is a popular choice of daily pool or spa sanitisation and offers a great alternative to chlorine products, espeically if your skin reacts to chlorine, it also has a different odour to chlorine.

Bromine is a relatively heavy and stable sanitiser that is well suited to hot water. That is why it is popular with spa owners and customers who have indoor pools. It is also effctive at killing bacteria over a wide pH range.

When using Bromine, it is important that you treat your pool or spa water with Energize or another non-chlorine shock on a weekly basis to shock the water, or more often if the bather load is higher than average.

Bromine Tablets can be placed in an adjuable floating dispenser or bromine feeder where they will slowly disolve over time, sanitising your water as they do; it is not recommended to place Bromine Tabs in your pool or spas skimmer basket as you can not regulate the rate at which they dispolve, or would you want their chemical content disolving directly into your pool or spas filter.

Their treatment content will protect your swimming pool or spas water against bacteriacide, whilst at the same time keeping your water healthy and sparkling clear.

Top Tip : Always shower for at least 1 minute before using your spa or pool. By doing so, you will reduce the amount of sanitiser needed to maintain good water quality.

Your pool or spa water may look crystal clear, but that does not necessarily mean that it is healthy. Your pool or spa water is constantly being polluted by the enviroment, dirt, leaves, pollen etc are introduced daily. Swimmers will also introduce pollution to your pool water, sun tan lotions, hair shampoos etc, your filter will remove most of this debris, but you will still need to sanatise your pool or spa water to keep it clean. 

Our latest Pool and Spa Water Treatments represent excellent value for money whether bought individually or as part of a pack; they are bottled / packaged exclusively for us by one of the UK’s leading Swimming Pool manufactures and distributors.

The Fun Fantastic Pool & Spa Chemical & Water Treatment Brand Range is plain and simple to understand and use, which helps ensure that end users select the best product for their needs without getting confused by what to buy and what to use when.

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