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Fun Fantastic Pool Spa Alkalinity Increaser

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Total Alkalinity Plus - TA Plus  / Sodium Bicarbonite

(Water Balance)

Swimming Pool & Spa water needs to be balanced, pH being one of the most important factors, pH is the measurement scale for the acidility and alkalinity of your pool or spas water.

Maintaining your pool or spa within the ideal pH range of between 7.2 and 7.6 will ensure that your pool or spa water is neither corrosive nor scale forming. Running your pool or spa water outside the pH range of 7.2 and 7.6 will also result in skin and eye discomfort, it will also result in equipment failure as some vital working parts will start to corrode.

Alkalinity Increaser is used to increase the Bicarbonate content of Pool and Spa Water. If your pool or spa suffers from low Total Alkalinity then bathers might complain of burning eyes and nose or even dry, irritated skin. If the pool is too low in Total Alkalinity it could be susceptible to staining giving the impression that the pool is dirty. Any metal parts might discolour or corrode. Low Alkalinity can also cause “pH bounce”, the condition where the pH goes up and down rapidly seemingly at random.

The Fun Fantastic Pool & Spa Chemical & Water Treatment Brand Range is plain and simple to understand and use, which helps ensure that end users select the best product for their needs without getting confused by what to buy and what to use when.

These latest Pool and Spa Water Treatments represent excellent value for money whether bought individually or as part of a pack; they are packaged for us by one of the UK’s leading Swimming Pool manufactures and distributors.

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