How do I know which Hot Tub / Spa is right for me ?

Extreme consideration and market research needs to be undertaken when it comes to making the right decision in choosing a suitable Hot Tub for you, your family and friends to enjoy. Like buying a car, the buying process and ownership experience can seem very complicated at first and it is important you have a good understanding of the market to know which Hot Tubs best suit your family’s size, installation space and budget requirements.

If you get it right you will enjoy many trouble free, rewardable and enjoyable years of owning a Hot Tub and having a fantastic stress free experience in hot water, get it wrong and it will be an expensive mistake that you will quickly come to regret and have to live with for a long time.

Fun Fantastic offer a comprehensive range of Hot Tubs to cover all budgets across the market place; from inflatable Bestway Lay-Z-Spas from under £500, TubLicious Portable Spas, Canadian Acrylic Shell Hot Tubs, to bespoke in-ground / deck level spas for either domestic or commercial installation. Our choice of Hot Tubs and Spas with all their different price points, sizes, seating and jet arrangements, colour combinations means we have a comprehensive selection of value products to suit our varied customer’s different lifestyles, personal tastes and customer needs.

Over the years, Fun Fantastic (UK) Ltd has supplied thousands of pools and spas all over the country; we have even gone as far afield as Malta to install the products we supply. Our product knowledge and commitment to customer satisfaction, along with both factory direct and major supplier relationships makes us well placed to offer and install (where required) the products we buy directly to our customers, whilst at the same time passing the savings achieved by operating in this way (without the need for middle men) on to our valued customers.

Fun Fantastic (UK) Ltd offer all the dealer facilities you would expect from an established industry leading company, from pre-purchase advice, aftersales support and servicing, finance packages (subject to status), we can also offer you a guaranteed buy back or part exchange service if required, for example, in the past we have taken cars, even boats and caravans along with all makes and models of Hot Tubs in part exchange to help make the purchase more affordable and easier for some of our customers. 

What is the difference between a Hot Tub and Spa ?

The terms, ‘Spa’ and ‘Hot Tub’ have been used synonymously in the business from the early years of the industry. Originally they meant two different things; ‘Spa’ was used to describe a therapeutic bath built out of Acrylic or some other thermoplastic, while ‘Hot Tub’ meant a circular bath, or tub, usually wood. Wooden Hot Tubs were popular as recently as the late 70’s and early 80’s, but were soon eclipsed by the rapid advances of ‘Acrylic Portable Spas’, still the name, ‘Hot Tub’ stuck. 

What is an Inflatable Spa ?

An inflatable spa is as its name suggests a portable spa where the spas body is inflated by air to support the structure. The spas design allows for the air inside the chambers to expand as it gets hotter adding to the spas rigidity once operational. The spas have a separate pump, heater and blower unit that is then connected to the spa body to circulate and heat the spas water. Inflatable spas are a great way to enter the Hot Tub market to see if you will enjoy having your own Spa at home, of course many customers come back to us within just a few weeks to upgrade to an Acrylic Hot Tub after sampling the delights these spas have to offer, please click here for further information.

Where are our Hot Tubs and Spas manufactured ?

Probably one of the most important questions these days is knowing the true origin of where a particular Hot Tub / Spa is built. Yes you can go out and buy a Hot Tub from the Far East on the internet that has all the whistles on it including pop up TV's for less than what a toaster should cost, but with these tubs manufactured in the cheapest ways and with no physical representation here in Europe, believe us when we tell you, most of them do not last more than a couple of weeks before they go wrong, or do they confirm to European Safety Standards such as CE approval. If you have not already read the horror stories of the dangerous situations buyers have been put in, be warned and click here.
All our TubLicious, Silhouette and Patio Spas are manufactured by hand to strict ISO 9001-2008 Quality Managed Standards in an industry leading factory in Canada. Our TubLicious, Silhouette and Patio Spas incorporate some of the most initiative designs and sought after equipment and components from around the world such as Balboa control, waterways piping and jetting, Lucite acrylic and Owens corner fibreglass for that extra strength reinforcing. All our components are made in American and North American, no Chinese, only high quality components.  If a Hot Tub is built to withstand extreme Canadian winter conditions like these are, then providing it is cared for properly, there is no real reason why it will not last and easily surpass the UK's typical seasonal conditions for many years to come.

Our bespoke and standard range of Acrylic and Tiled in-ground / deck level skimmer and overflow spas varies widely, the majority of the spa shells are manufactured here in the UK, America, Spain and Italy. As this is a niche market we make all the control packs up here in the UK using specialist equipment suitable for either domestic or commercial operation, please click here for more information.

What kind of requirements should I consider regarding installation ?

The majority of our Hot Tubs are designed for easy installation and can be used all year long, even in cold climates; however comfort and convenience are key issues. Does your site offer privacy and easy access? Your tub needs to be placed in an area where it will rest on a solid, level surface. A wood deck, concrete pad or pea gravel area are all popular surfaces, be sure to watch for any settling or erosion that could move the hot tub out of level. For indoor locations, adequate ventilation is essential. Water evaporating from your spa will raise the room's humidity level. An exhaust fan / dehumidifier will help prevent damage and discomfort. Also, be sure you have a plan for getting the spa indoors. Is the patio door big enough? Or maybe you'll need to remove the glass from a picture window. All 32 amp Spas will need to be connected directly to your homes domestic power supply by a qualified electrician, if you do not want to involve an electrician, consider our 16 amp Plug’n’Play spas as these spas can be connected directly to your homes power socket without any further installation. To see our more in-depth installation Guide, please click here.
Are Hot Tubs / Spas difficult to care for ?
No, not at all. The majority of our Spas virtually maintain themselves. There is some minor maintenance needed, but you'll spend far more time enjoying your spa than maintaining it. Fun Fantastic offer a wide range of maintenance and cleaning kits in our Spa Essentials section of this website, along with replacement filter cartridges and other useful spares and accessories that you can purchase to enhance your spa experience even further.
What is an Acrylic Shell interior ?
Lucite®XL cast acrylic is a non-porous weather able material that's highly resistant to chemicals, stains, and with proper care and use, it has been shown to retain its properties far longer than other spa materials and is available in a number of colours. It also incorporates Microban® antimicrobial product protection which inhibits the growth of bacteria that can cause odour, stains and product degradation. Microban® won't wear off with time because it's actually built in the Hot Tub Spa's surface. By using this material our Spa surfaces deliver incomparable beauty and durability, naturally, when you invest in a Spa, you want reassurances that it's made to last; summer and winter, year after year. Unlike some other materials, the colours of Lucite® go all the way through the material. They're not simply painted on. That means the colour won't wear away or chip off over time. Your spa will stay showroom-beautiful.

How is the floor and exterior shell of an Acrylic Hot Tub constructed ?

Strength is a key factor of the weatherproof design; the majority of our Hot Tubs have a moulded ABS Polysheet base that provides great protection, thick foam is also applied to provide further floor support and insulation. Coast products use fibreglass as the construction method and on the floor and in strategic places, place reinforced steel angle bars. The standard exterior synthetic exterior cabinet is UV and mould resistant and some models have convenient access points to service important plant equipment. The cabinets are usually available to purchase in various colour schemes to match the tubs Acrylic Shell Colours, along with the added choice to have the warmth of genuine Canadian Cedar Wood. The shell is one of the most important components of the tub and if this cracks then it’s a very expensive repair or time to throw away. Always ask what is the warranty on this part !

How much does it cost to run a TubLicious, Silhouette or Patio Hot Tub ?

That depends slightly on the model, climate and usage. But you can reckon on one of our Canadian manufactured Hot Tubs having some of the lowest running costs of any spa brand available. This is due to the extra steps taken in manufacturing to ensure the highest quality, lowest maintenance, and being one of the most efficient spas on the market. All Fun Fantastic Spa floors and plumbing is insulated with foam and the adjustable straps and linear heat seal assure the cover is sealed and energy efficient and certified to the California energy commission agency. The Spas we sell on this site have the highest R value in the industry. The high-output, low-amperage industrial duty pumps run cool and work smoothly to keep operational cost to a minimum. 

What is the Horse Power of your pumps ?

Don't get confused here, the true measure of a filtration pump is in LPM or litres per minute, i.e. it’s the Hot Tubs flow rate that is important. Many consumers are misled by inaccurate or overrated pump performance. Don't be fooled by the concept that bigger is better. The truth is bigger might be worse, look at the overall picture and design, the size of plumbing in relation to pump size, the jet configurations all need to be equally balanced to give the most efficient performance. Coast Spas are true brake horse rated!

How efficient are your heaters ?

All 32 amp Spas incorporate a Balboa 3kW tube style heater with two sensors that measure the difference between water entering and leaving the heater to ensure that there is sufficient flow. Our 16amp Plug’n’play spas usually have between 1.5kW to 2kW heaters fitted to keep power consumption as low as possible. All our TubLicious, Silhouette and Patio Hot Tubs have Balboa controls for ease of use.

Does a Fun Fantastic Acrylic Hot Tub include an ozonator or can one be added ?

All our Silhouette and Patio Acrylic Hot Tubs are supplied with a solid-state Ozonator as standard. Ozone is a natural and easy way to maintain your water, and reduce the amount of chemicals necessary to maintain sparkling clean water. Ozone burns up organics in your water thousands of times faster than sanitizer alone.

What is the maximum temperature a TubLicious, Silhouette or Patio Spa can be run at ?

The maximum UL-approved set temperature for any hot tub is 40°c. This has a variance of 2°c. Which means the hot tub cannot be set above 40°c but the temperature can fluctuate to as high as 42°c and still be within UL standards.

Can I buy an Extended Warranty ?

Yes, for just £199.99 (Option at time of purchase), all of our Canadian Acrylic Hot Tubs sold on-line for domestic use here in the UK can be backed with a five-year structural warranty, 2 years surface, 2 years plumbing and equipment and one year exterior, parts and labour warranty. We believe this cover, along with direct customer access to fully trained engineers at the end of a phone to be one of the very best warranty and Aftersales Packages within the UK Spa market today; it offers our customers a real affordable value product and peace of mind, something we regard as the most valued asset any Spa Owner could wish have.