Which Domestic Swimming Pool, Pool Kit is best to Buy, Install or Build ?

Has there ever been a better time than now for potential pool owners to choose what type and size of pool to buy ? Whether they want to save money and build it themselves ? Or have one partially, fully built or installed for them ?

Certainly one thing is for sure, buying or building a swimming pool for your own home, whether indoor, above ground, semi-submerged or completely in-ground, will change your home and your new swimming pool will quickly become a great focus of your families new lifestyle. It is therefore vitally important to choose a swimming pool or a DIY pool kit that compliments your garden and homes surroundings; a swimming pool that reflects your families requirements, is easy to maintain,  cost effective to run, without letting your budget run away.

If you get it right you will enjoy sharing many trouble free, fun and rewardable enjoyable years of owning a swimming pool; get it wrong and it will be an expensive mistake that you will quickly come to regret and have to live with for a long time.

So first ask yourselves ?

What do you want from a pool ? How many people will regularly use it ? How much do you want to spend  ? What do you want it to look like ? What is most important to you overall ? A smaller pool with a shallower depth, built to a higher specification which will heat up faster and takes less time and cost to maintain and heat ? Or, a larger swimming pool, of which the specification you can upgrade over the coming years ? What type of pool to have ? How do you propose to heat it ? Where to put it ?

So now you have begun qualifiing your exact requirements, where to start ? 

Contra to popular belief, providing your residential property is not listed, or located in a conservation area, and your proposed pool adheres to certain requirements (size, distance from highway, height, etc.) you do not normally need planning permission to install, build or erect a swimming pool in your back garden under your permissible building rights. Of course, we would strongly advise you to check with your local council as to their local interpretation of the rules. We would also suggest contacting your local water authority to see if you need to seek permission to initially fill your pool, again this vary's regionally depending on the water company.

How much will my pool cost to run ?

As every swimming pool installation is bespoke and there are so many varying factors involved, there is no exact science to calculating your swimming pools opertional running costs. What we can say is, plan your pool purchase and installation well and it is possible to efficently reduce your running costs, for example, an insulated 10 x 5m heated in-ground swimming pool can be run for between around £5 to £6 a day (during the UK's typical summer season weather conditions) to include heating, chemical and filtration costs. Click here to take a look at our Ecological Pool Innovations Guide.

So lets look at what is the best Pool to have ?

Let's take a look at what pools are available in more depth, either as a DIY self build, an out of the box 15 minute install and fill, or a fully sumerged in-ground installation. Fun Fantastic offers a selection of pools for all budgets, if we don't sell a particuler pool you are looking for, then chances are we can build it for you. As a minimum, all pool kits supplied & installed by Fun Fantastic (UK) Ltd either comply or exceed SPAATA build recomendations, all our works are fully insured, we are also registered and assured with SafeBuy  (the UK's leading consumer assurance scheme), so you can be confident that you'll have a hassle-free,secure on-line shopping & installation 
experience with us, furthermore we operate a transparent customer review page so you can read what other customers have had to say about us, our products and services.

Above Ground Spalsher Pools ? (£30 to around £4,995)*

With the recent revolution in PVC manufacturing processes, Above Ground Splasher Pools have become extremely fashionable and affordable over the last 15 years with both Bestway and Intex competing for the main market share throughout Europe and the USA; you only need to go up in an aeroplane and look down in to the gardens below to see how many of these pools people already own. The most popular inflatable ring or metal frame designs are round in shape, but other shapes such as rectangular and oval pools also sell well like the more substantial Vogue Pools. The most popular pool sizes are 8ft, 10ft and 12ft as they are easier to heat and maintain. The main advantage for buying this type of pool is price point, the time they take to set up and the fact that they can easily be taken down at the end of the season. Whilst the pools are relatively cheap to buy, in comparision the accessories can look expensive. Remember, don't buy a pool that is too big unless you are prepared to buy an electric heater or Heat Pump to heat it. Above Ground Splasher Pools are a great way to start owning your own pool, many of our customers upgrade to larger more substantial pools as their children get older.

Above Ground or Inground Wooden Pools ? (£2,495 to typically £24,995 inc Installation and pool surround)*

Let the harmanoy of these beautiful pools natural wood and filtered water compliment your home surroundings, our Wooden Swimming Pools can be installed above ground, semi-submerged or fully in-ground. Manufactured in the UK in an ISO9001 managed factory, delivery times for most standard pools from stock is around one week, these are substanatial swimming pools, make no mistake, these are not toy pools, no matter what size or specification you order, bespoke designs and exercise pools (subject to limitations) also available. The structural wood is treated with TANALITH E Extra in the controlled conditions of a vacuum pressure impregnation plant to protect the wood against fungal rot and insect attact, ensuring a long service life and an industry leading ten year warranty on the wooden structure. Wooden Pools are suitable for both outdoor and indoor DIY installation, (or we can partially or fully install them for you), In many cases we have also insualted them using XPS Thermal baording. Further information www.woodenpools.eu or click here to download our PDF Wooden Pool Brochure.

In-ground Panel and Liner Pools ? (£5,995 to typically £34,995 including Installation and pool surround)*

By purchasing and using one of our DIY Panel Pool Kits, not only will you save a lot of time, you will also save money over a traditional swimming pool build. The Pool Panels are made from 100% virgin, high impact, polystyrene resin that guarantees your Pool for life against corrosion, a liner is then fitted to contain the water within. Our Professional and DIY Pool Kits offer all the equipment you need in one affordable package, but specifications and sizes / depths can be upgraded and changed with moderate ease to build your dream pool, either with our help, or on your own. These Pool Kits usually take around 7 to 10 days to install depending on size, specification and the installers ability. It is possible to fully insulate these pools using XPS Thermal Blocks to reduce your running costs. Sizes generally range from a 10 x 20ft pool to a 20 x 40ft with a number of freeform pool shapes also available from stock. Panel Pool kits are favoured considerably more by our self-build customers over Block & Liner Kits because of their easier installation, delivery time is usually around a week. Click here to see a recent panel pool installation including XPS Thermal Panels.

In-ground Block and Liner Pools ? (£2,495 to typically £39,995 including installation and pool surround)*

Probably one of the cheapest ways to build your new swimming pool (providing you have all the building skills required to hand) is to purchase one of our Block and Liner Kits which gives you all the fittings, plumbing, liner and equipment you will need. You will then need to source your building blocks and raw materials locally to complete your project, we normally use Keyline Building Supplies, a national building supply company that can easily arrange deliveries all over the country. 

Many customers buying and building this way seek the assistance of local tradesmen or employ our partial or fully installed pool build service to assist with the block work, rendering the walls, floor screed and fitting the liner, etc. Block and Liner Pools do not require such a large hole to be excavated compared to Panel Pool kits (which need to allow for extra width to fit the braces) so this pool build method is favoured for pools in tighter locations building rectangular pools. Block & Liner Pools are well suited to being insulated using XPS Thermal Blocks and usually take us between 10 to 14 days to build, again depending on the pools size and specification.

In-ground GRP Fibreglass Pools ? (£5,975 to typically £59,995 including installation with Mosaic Tiled Finish)*

GRP Fibreglass Pools provide a quick and easy solution to a swimming pool in your garden and are available in a range of shapes, sizes and specifications to suit most customers' needs. Like a yacht or motor boat, they look great when they are first delivered and there are some great pools out there, but be warned, non-tiled pool finishes can be harder to keep looking great and maintain the older they get. A lot of the cost of a Fibreglass Pool will be taken up in the actual logistics of getting it to you and then over your house and not for the pool and its equipment itself, so check first to see what other pools you could have for around the same total installed cost. That said, as most of the pool is manufactured for you before it arrives on site, they are a quick installation, normally completed in around 5 working days. GRP Fibreglass Pools are available to buy with insulating foam sprayed to the underside and external walls of the shell; our tiled fibreglass pools are available as either a skimmer or overflow pool for those discerning customers looking for a pool with an ultimate specification. Click here to download our PDF Mosaic Tiled GRP Swimming Pool Brochure.

In-ground Concrete Pools with a choice of finish ? (£34,995 and upwards)*

In-ground Concrete Pools vary in contrast to all the other pools we have mentioned above, you have to build a pool that has a watertight structure (there is no liner to hold the water). The build process usually allows for the pool walls to be built in a traditional brick fashion using a double layer of blocks or a pupose made cavity system that along with the pools floor are reinforced vertically and horizontally with connecting steel rods (to support the weight of the tiles or other propsed finish)
. Concrete is then poured into the walls blocks, cavity system and vibrated around the reinforcement steels for extra strength.

Extreme professional knowledge and expertise, patience and a bigger budget are essential when building a swimming pool in this way as you will also have to wait around two weeks for cure time for the concrete to strengthen. The Pool walls and floor will also need to be rendered to provide a watertight finish and a tank test performed. Finally, once you know the structure is watertight you will be able to choose your desired finishing, whether that is a specialist pool paint, fibreglass inner skin,  Marblite or Mosaic Tiles. Most Pools built this way these days have a tiled finish and cost around twice as much as what a similar sized block and liner pool would cost to build. Weather permitting, allow around 8 weeks including curing time for this type of pool to be constructed and finished to your perfection.

* All cost ranges indicated above are advised in good faith and are estimated values to give you an idea of what a typical swimming pool project will cost; figures are based on the average of actual Fun Fantastic (UK) Ltd sales order values and of the total value of quotations generated over the past 36 months for each type of pool, all costs include VAT. Please E mail our installation team for any direct requests or quotation requests.