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DIY Swimming Pool Kits

Have you ever considered building your own in-ground swimming pool ? We did, and now look what we do for a living. Typically a 32ft x 16ft in-ground concrete swimming pool will cost upwards of £35,000 and take on average around six to eight weeks to complete, using a Kafko Panel kit will save you time and money.


By purchasing and using one of our KAFKO DIY Panel Pool Kits, not only will you save a lot of time, you will also save money over a traditonal build. Contra to popular belief, providing you do not live in a listed building or a conservation area, most in-ground swimming pools built to regulation do not require planning permission, check with your local council and water authority for further advice, you never know, you may have your pool installed and be swimming and playing in your pool with your family and friends within the next couple of weeks. If you need assistance with your in-ground swimming pool installation, Fun Fantastic offer a full or partial national pool installation service to suit most budgets. Kafko Install 1 Kafko Install 2