Fun Fantastic Commercial Swimming Pool National Supply & Installation Service

At Fun Fantastic, we have all your commercial operating and managing needs covered.

Fun Fantastic (UK) Ltd provide a National Swimming Pool Service for both in-door and outdoor commercial swimming pools, no matter the size; whether you are a swim school, a small hotel, a private or public school, a council run Leisure Centre, Lido or an Olympic sized pool operator, Fun Fantastic can help you save time and money in the future and make your pool look great at the same time, click image for PDF brochure.

In addition to commercial swimming pools, Fun Fantastic (UK) Ltd also supply and install in-ground skimmer and overflow spas for both commercial and domestic use, for more information please see our dedicated Hot Tub & Spa website, which probably has the largest selection of in-ground spas and swim spas available to order on-line in the United Kingdom at this time.

At Fun Fantastic Commercial Pool Owners and Operators are able to order most of the popular pool safety and life-saving equipment found in most public swimming pools directly on line from our site, in many cases, we are able to process bespoke orders directly with our associated factory here in the UK for exact equipment to be made, delivered and fitted if required.

With more and more commercial swimming pool operators across the country looking to save on their swimming pools running costs the targeted need to reduce carbon emissions has become greater than ever. Most establishments are looking for new ways to reduce their carbon footprint and minimise impact on climate change.

It is now widely accepted that installing a heat retention cover is the single most effective means of
reducing swimming pool energy consumption. Fit the right cover on your pool and you will see a reduction in energy bills of up to £18,000 per annum (figures based on a 25m x 12m pool at 2011 prices).

Depending on the type of cover and reel system you opt for, a payback period as short as 12 months can be expected.

It is not just the reduced energy bills that make for such a strong argument for covering your pool. The vast majority of heat loss is through evaporation. With your pool cover in place, evaporation is virtually eliminated. You will also benefit from reduced humidity and condensation in the pool building.

With a wide choice of electrical wall, piggyback or floor mounted reel systems and a range of different thickness heat retention covers to choose from, Fun Fantastic can help select the right system for your pool. Contact us for more information, of for a free estimate, (subject to site survey).