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Coast Spas TubLicious Portable Hot Tub - Deep Waters (Ocean Blue)

Coast Spas TubLicious Hot Tub Blueberry Swirl Plug and Play Portable Spa
Coast Spas TubLicious Hot Tub Blueberry Swirl Plug and Play Portable Spa Coast Spas TubLicious Hot Tub Blueberry Swirl Plug and Play Portable Spa
Coast Spas TubLicious Hot Tub Blueberry Swirl Plug and Play Portable Spa Coast Spas TubLicious Hot Tub Blueberry Swirl Plug and Play Portable Spa
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Tublicious Hot Tubs are high end Portable Spas manufactured by industry leaders Coast Spas, in their ISO 9001/2008 accredited Canadian Factory.

(Tublicious image shown with extternal optional LED Lighting)

Finished in Deep Waters (Ocean Blue) with Stainless Steel accents jets

The TubLicious Hot Tub is delivered in an upright box and is easy to transport with you to suit your lifestyles both at home and on holiday.

This revolutionary product packs a lot into a small package! Experience the key benefits of a full-sized hot tub in an economical, space-saving unit.

With Plug and Play Technology as standard, you simply plug your Tublicious Hot Tub it in to your power socket, fill it up, turn it on and you will be relaxing and soothing your bodies in no time.

With the TubLicious Hot Tub, it’s easier and more affordable than ever to indulge in hot-tub living whenever and wherever you want! Immerse yourself and treat your body to warm, soothing water with massaging hydrotherapy jets.

Enjoy fun, romance, and aquatic rejuvenation in a lightweight, portable design. Giving new meaning to the word compact, this innovative spa has been created to fit in virtually any home, condo, or apartment, even in larger boats and motor homes! And of course, it’s great for small decks and backyards.
One seat offers three mid-size jets to gently massage the lower to mid back. The second seat
provides two large and five small jets designed to provide deeper massaging action on the mid and upper back. Your aching feet will appreciate how both seats feature a pair of massaging jets in the foot wells.
Even better, the medium and large jets can be manually adjusted to fine tune where you want them to hit your body. You also have a dedicated control for the jets that allows you to adjust the amount of airflow to create more or fewer bubbles.
Your hot tub is easy to enter and exit with an 8-inch grab bar and illumination from the underwater light. To increase ambiance, the grab bar boasts a sheer, cascading water feature. Two molded arm rests provide extra comfort, as do the two handy beverage holders.
TubLicious hot tubs are made from Aristech cast acrylic, they are easy to maintain. This hard, glossy, color-fast surface is non-porous, making it more resistant to algae, mildew, and fading from ultraviolet rays.
The spa filter also boasts Microban Antimicrobial Product Protection. This revolutionary compound is integrated into the filter fibers during the manufacturing process, and inhibits growth of unwanted microbes that can cause stains, odors, and product degradation.
  • Shape: Oval
  • Seating Capacity: 2-3 People
  • Dimension: 53.5 x 91 x 30.5 inches or 1358.9 x 2311 x 775 mm
  • Volume: 132 US Gallons/ 500 Litres
  • Dry Weight: 334 lbs / 151.5 kg
  • Shipping Weight: 360 lb/ 163kg
  • Wet Weight: 1434 lbs / 652 kg

  • 14 Stainless-Steel Hydrotherapy Jets
  • 2000-Watt Incoloy Heater
  • Cartridge Filter With Microban
  • Quiet, Energy-Efficient 1 HP Pump
  • Topside Digital Controls
  • Grab Bar
  • Cascade Waterfall
  • Special Edition Black Ostrich Tublicious Cover
  • Internal White Light

The TubLicious Hot Tub is also available with extra specification, please contact us for further specification and colour availability.

Direct Delivery from the factory is usually around 28 days.