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Bestway Lay Z Spa Cover Set Vegas Premium 54112

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Bestway Lay Z Spa Original Spares and Accessories

Bestway Part Number P5H283

Complete Set Top and Bottom Covers

Bring your inflatable Bestway Lay Z Spa Vegas or Premium right up to date with this two piece cover set, finished in light grey on the outside with the Bestway Lay Z Spa Vegas Logo emblazed accross them.

These smart leatherette covers will hold your spas inflatable liner and lids in shape, which will help protect them from getting damaged as well as reducing the amount of debris that enters your spa when not covered, thus also reducing your spas routine maitenance.

Using a proper fitting cover on your Bestway Lay-Z-Spa will also help reduce water spillage, water and chemical evaperation, so try an ensure they are fitted as often as possible when the spa is not in use by anybody.
These latst Bestway Covers have the newer, adustable elasticated webbing straps with pinch fasteners to secure them tightly in place, the covers are also fitted with two carrying handles, making your spa easier to move around when empty along with A zipped air valve cover to protect your spa components even further.

Replacement Cover Set to fit newer Bestway Lay Z Spa Models as listed below

  • Lay Z Spa Vegas (BW54112)
  • Lay Z Spa Premium Series (BW54112)
  • Inflatable Liner and Lid not included
  • Sold complete with 6 month UK Warranty

Please Note

Bestway have made subtle changes to the design of the Vegas Lay-Z-Spa for 2014, whilst at first glance they look virtually the same as before, the new 2014 liners only have 1 x SID valve compared to 3 on older models, the liners are still exactly the same size and the hose fittings remain in the same place.


As these cover sets are taken from the latest 2014 Vegas Spa they only have one access point at the bottom of the cover set for your SID valve. They will still fit over earlier model spa liners, but be mindful that you will need to inflate the top two chambers of your spa before fitting the cover, then once fitted, inflate the bottom chamber.

Fun Fantastic are authorised Bestway Lay Z Spa Dealers and have a wide range of spares and accessories available for most Lay Z Spa models.

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