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Bestway Hydro Force Wave Line 1 Man Kayak

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Bestway Hydro Force 1 Man Wave Line Kayak Set

(280cm Long x 75cm Wide) 100kg Pay Load
  • Quick inflation / deflation safety screw valves
  • Grab rope with built-in grommets
  • Form-fitted construction prevents water from entering the cockpit
  • Comfortable cockpit with inflatable seat, footrest and floor
  • Includes a 254cm (100") aluminum, two bladed ribbed oar

Engineered for extreme play; Hydro-Force sporting goods are manufactured with premium materials while each product is quality-tested for the highest range of performance. Whether ripping around on a towable or blasting down the rapids in a Hydro-Force Kayak.
This1 Man Bestway Wave Line kayak set is your perfect water sports accessory.

Where the kayak is quick to inflate and easy to deflate, it is sure to provide you with less hassle and more fun.

The clever cockpit design features a comfortable inflatable seat, footrest and floor, as well as its designed to prevent water from flowing in.

Make this summer full of fun and excitement. Grab a Bestway Wave Line Kayak set today and head straight down to your favorite, river, lake or swimming pool.

Package Contents

   1 x Hydro-Force Kayak
   2 x Aluminium Bladed Oars
   1 x Heavy duty repair patch

Inflation is required, you can purchase a suitable inflation pump from the drop down menu above.

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