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Bestway Flowclear 1500 Silica Sand Pump

Our Price: £149.95
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Bestway Service Part No. BW58199

Genuine Bestway Silica Sand Filter Pump
(available to purchase with or without Silica Sand)


Compact Size Approx 80cm high x 50cm long, 40cm wide

Bestway Flowclear 1500 Silica Sand Filtration Pump has a powerful water flow rate of 1500 US Gallons an hour (5,678 Litres). The 300w Flowclear Sand Pump brings the In-ground Swimming Pool Experience to the Above Ground Market at a fraction of the price, the silica sand should last between three to five years before needing replacement. If you are looking to upgrade your pump and your Pool has the standard 1.25 or 1.5inch inlet and return fittings that you just push a hose on to then you can still use this pump but you will need to puchase some adapaters from us.

The Flowclear Sand Filter is extremely easy to set up and use, it is ideally suited to work extremely well with other Bestway accessories such as the Bestway 3kw pool heater and the Bestway vacuum maintenance kit for example.

This Flowclear Sand Filter will give you a higher quality pool circulation, resulting in cleaner water, when the filters pressure rises, instead of cleaning or replacing a filter, you just backwash the pump to waste by turning the 6 position flange valve to backwash to get rid of all the debris that the sand has trapped, after you have washed and rinsed the debris away you can start to circulate the filtration system straight away again using filtration mode.

This filter pump uses a 25kg bag of Silica Sand to filter debris out of your pool, the Silica Sand usually lasts around 3 years to 5 years before it needs to be replaced, so it is also a much more economically sound propostition as you will not need to buy any more cartridge filters.

Most Bestway Intex style above ground Pools with a water volume of up to 25,000 Litres can use this pump, it is supplied with two 2m x 1.5 inch flexible screw end hoses that sattachto a pools water inlets and outlets, you then just tighten the clamps to hold the hoses in place and screw the other end of the hose to the sand filter.

Extra Hose Tails can be supplied (see below) at further cost if you need to contact this pumps hoses to other brand and size piping systems that some other garden pool set ups use for example.

Sand Filter Set Includes - 1500 US Gallon Sand Filtration Pump, 2 Flexible 2m x 1.5 inch fixing hoses with 1.5 inch screw fixings to both ends of the hose, 1 Flexible short hose with screw fittings each end, 6 valve flange control and setup DVD. 25kg Silica Sand media available at extra cost, select from size menue above if you wish to purchase this with your sand filter.

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