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Bestway 24ft x 12ft x 52in Steel Pro Frame Rectangular Pool

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This Bestway 24ft x 12ft x 52 inch Steel Frame Above Ground Rectangular Pool Set is one of the largest and latest designs of above ground steel frame garden pools that Bestway manufacture. Supplied complete with a 2500 US Gallon filter pump, 52 inch Ladder, Ground Cloth and Debris Cover, set it up, fill it up and off you go.

Bestway Steel Frame Pool 24t x 12ft x 52in (732cm x 366cm x 132cm).

With the Bestway Steel Frame pools rust-resistant metal frames, PVC & polyester heavy-duty 3-ply side wall providing lasting durability, this pools liner is capable of holding over 31,820 Ltrs of water for all the family to have plenty of fun playing and swimming in. 

The steel frames, which help create the shape of the rectangular pool and hold the durable ‘metal tech’ pool liner in place, are locked and tightened using simple T connectors and C clips. U-supports, which hold the durable PVC and polyester outer wall upright, are attached using easy to connect spring-loaded pins.


All of our Bestway Steel Frame Pools are quick and easy to set up / Just select a clear, clean and level area to lay out the liner, push the metal frame surrounds through the top of the liner frame guide, assembling the frame as you go. Once assembled just add water using your garden hose to fill the liner out to the correct level. Bestway Steel Frame Pools have a built in drain valve control that attachés easily to a garden hose for easy draining if you decide to pack your Garden Pool away at the end of the swimming season.

This pool package comes complete with a Bestway Flowclear 1500 filtration pump and filter cartridge to help assist with the pools daily water filtration.

  • Water Capacity 31,820 Litres
  • Heavy Gauge 3 Layer PVC Side Walls
  • Metal Tech Liner
  • Rust Resistant Frame
  • Quick and easy to set up
  • Built in drain valve
  • Instruction booklet & Set Up DVD
  • Ground Cloth and Debris Cover
  • 52 inch Bestway Ladder

Also included with your Bestway Above Ground Garden Pool Instruction booklet is a Bestway Pool Set-up DVD & Heavy-duty repair patch.

We would always recommend that you purchase some extra filter cartridges and would also strongly recommend that you purchase some pool chemicals to help protect the pools water from bacteria and algae growth.

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Bestway 24ft x 12ft x 52in Steel Pro-Frame Pool.