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Airdome Pool Enclosures

Plastica Swimming Pool Airdomes are manufactured to order in their factory in St Leonards-on-Sea. 

Plastica Swimming Pool Airdome Enclosures are supplied complete with all of their fittings along with two zipper type doors, (standard and L shaped) and a suitable rated weatherproof 220/240 volt fan within the price. Airdomes below 130sq.m come with a 0.9 amp fan, Airdomes over 130sq.m and less than 180sq.m in size are supplied with a 2.0 amp fan, whilst larger Airdomes over 180sq.m and up to 230sq.m, are supplied with a 3.5 amp fan.

We have a listed a few of the most popular sizes available below, however if you require a different size please contact us for price and availability. Prices start at £4,375 including VAT and UK mainland delivery, all dome sizes are available to order without air fans for £600 less.