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AIR RAGE Heat Pumps

Air Rage Swimming Pool Heat Pumps offer customers an easy and affordable way to heat their above-ground and in-ground swimming pools throughout the swimming pool season. Typically, in our seasonal conditions, these heat pumps perform most efficiently between the months of May through to September.

With up to 80% savings on heating costs realistically achievable when compared to traditional electric heaters, gas and oil boiler running costs, the initial purchase cost of the equipment will quickly be repaid with further energy saving to be enjoyed over future seasons.

The capital outlay of purchasing a swimming pool heat pump has, in the past, been higher than other methods of heating swimming pool water. As heat pump technology has gained in popularity the cost of the equipment has reduced. It is now possible to buy a quality swimming pool heat pump at an affordable price, the Air-Rage Swimming Pool Heat Pump range starts at less than £1050 including Vat and UK mainland delivery.