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2ft Panel Ladder Step Unit (3ft 6in high)

Our Price: £825.00
Model required

  • Thick durable gasket system
  • Beautiful curved step design
  • 100% non corrosive
  • Flexible and extremely strong
  • Suitable for pools with 3ft 6 inch high walls

This beautiful Premium Acrylic Fibreglass Panel Ladder Unit is suitable for fitting to in-ground swimming pools with a wall height of 42 inches.

Co-extruded and vacuumed formed from a single sheet of ABS supported BASF thermoplastic, these really are well made step units.

Premium Acrylic Fibreglass Panel Ladder Units can be retro fitted to concrete and resin liner pools as well as all new builds, they will add a new dimension to your pools design making them look thousands of pounds more expensive than what they really cost.

The unit will need to be levelled and secured by bolts to your pools panels / blocks. Your liner than fits under the step units faceplate which you secure in place once your pools water level is filled to the top of the ledge. Once secured you can then cut your liner out and allow your pool to continue filling up and you normally would when fitting a liner.

In most cases Panel Ladder Units are made to order and supplied to customers directly from the factory so please allow around 5 to 7 working  days for delivery.

A Step Bolt Kit is required when ordering Premium Step Units for Panel Pool kits.

Any Questions, please call 0845 680 0854 or E mail, sales@funfantastic.com