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20ft x 12ft Kafko In ground DIY Swimming Pool Kit

20ft x 12ft Kafko In ground DIY Swimming Pool Kit
20ft x 12ft Kafko In ground DIY Swimming Pool Kit 20ft x 12ft Kafko In ground DIY Swimming Pool Kit
20ft x 12ft Kafko In ground DIY Swimming Pool Kit 20ft x 12ft Kafko In ground DIY Swimming Pool Kit
Our Price: £6,285.00
6ft Square Step
4ft Radius Roman End
Pool Lighting
Pool Heating

Special Order - 5 - 7 working days

  • Polymer Wall Panels
  • Support Braces & Fixings
  • Surface Skimmer & Fittings
  • Stainless Steel Ladder
  • Aluminium Coping
  • Self Priming Pool Pump
  • Sand Filtration Tank
  • Hard Plumbing Kit
  • Chemical Starter Kit
  • Patterned PVC Liner

It's not every day you decide to dig a hole in your back garden and install a swimming pool, but it may be easier than you think, after all, we did and now look what we do for a living !

Understandably, most people's concept of a swimming pool is a fully tiled concrete pool at a horrific cost. They would be right ! An average cost of a concrete pool starts from around £35,000.00 for a 32' x 15' pool size and takes on average 8-10 weeks to build.

Kafko Pool Panels are made from 100% virgin, high impact, polystyrene resin that guarantees your Pool for life against corrosion. Kafko DIY Pool Kits offer all the equipment you need to build your dream pool, all in one affordable package, everything is delivered directly to your kerbside in one delivery, just click on the electronic brochure above to see what is included with every package.

We also have a Free DVD that we can send you, see link on left. The idea behind this video is for you the end user to consider building an in-ground swimming pool (with a lifetime structural guarantee) that aesthetically looks like a concrete pool but is far easier to install (usually within 10 days) and is under half the cost.

One of the great advantages of installing a liner type pool construction is that in approximately 7-10 years, the liner will have to be replaced. This is a very simple and straight forward procedure and at present day costs, a replacement liner for a 30 x 15' pool from us would start at less than a thousand pounds. Remember, the liner is the finished cosmetic look of the pool, so every 7-10 years you can change the pattern and colour, it will then look like a brand new installation !

It is also possible to raise the pool above ground level by as much as 18" using the soil to build a patio around it, finished with either a retaining wall or gradually sloping turf. This may be done to save on the cost of earth removal and the time and effort involved in excavation, especially when hand digging is involved.

Another great benefit of these Kafko DIY Swimming Pool Kits is that you can dig them to be either 4’ or 5.4’ deep, as the same extra stretchy liner is used for both depths, so whilst the choice of depth is yours, the price stays the same.

For those of you looking for a more adventurous installation, then why not contact us to see what other size and shape Kafko Pools are available for either DIY or professional installation.
Here are some working photos of a complete pool installation we recently undertook here, Devon 1 Devon 2

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Any questions please call 0845 680 0854 or E mail sales@funfantastic.com