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15ft x 48 Inch INTEX Easy Set Inflatable Ring Pool

Our Price: £325.00
Extra Filters
Water Treatments

  • Intex Inflatable Ring Liner Pool
  • 1000 US Gallons Per hour Pump (3,800 Ltrs/hr)
  • Over the Wall Skimmer
  • Double Sided Ladder
  • Debris Cover
  • Ground Cloth
  • Maintenance kit including skimming Net and pool brush
  • Holds over 14,000 Ltrs of water (3,736 US Gallons)

This Intex 15ft x 48 inch Garden Pool Fast Set Package is the deepest and most comprehensive Intex 15ft Easy Set Inflatable Pool we sell.

With this Intex Easy Set Pools heavy gauge 3 layer PVC side walls providing lasting durability in addition to the pools inflatable top ring, the Intex 15' x 48" Easy Set pool liner is capable of holding 14,142 Ltrs of water for all the family to have plenty of fun playing in, the extra depth makes the pool more exciting for playing games like diving through hoops and allows most perople to swim round without touching the bottom of the pool.

All of our Intex Easy Set Pools are quick and easy to set up / Just select a clear, clean and level area to lay out the liner and inflate the Pools top ring, once inflated just add water using your garden hose. With the aid of the inflatable ring, the Fast Set Pools walls will start to rise in line with the pools water level,  continue to fill the pool to the correct level. All Intex Easy Set Pools have a built in drain valve control that attaches easily to a garden hose for easy draining when it comes to packing your Garden Pool away at the end of the swimming season.

Look at what is included with this 15ft Intex Set Garden Pool, a heavy-duty ground cloth, a fitted debris cover, a pool ladder, a maintanance kit that includes a skimmer net and pool brush, plus you also get an over the side skimmer basket to help remove floating debris.

This particular pool package comes complete with a 1000 US Gallon filtration pump along with one size A filter cartridge to help assist with the pools daily water filtration.

We would always recommend that you purchase some extra filter cartridges as these will normally require changing every week to two weeks. We would also strongly recommend that you purchase some Water Treatment Products to help protect the pools water from bacteria and algae growth.

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