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10ft x 48in Wooden Fun Octagonal Swimming Pool

10ft x 48 in (3.05m x 122cm) Plastica Octagonal  Wooden Fun Pool
10ft x 48 in (3.05m x 122cm) Plastica Octagonal  Wooden Fun Pool 10ft x 48 in (3.05m x 122cm) Plastica Octagonal  Wooden Fun Pool
10ft x 48 in (3.05m x 122cm) Plastica Octagonal  Wooden Fun Pool 10ft x 48 in (3.05m x 122cm) Plastica Octagonal  Wooden Fun Pool
Our Price: £1,500.00

Is a Fun Fantastic DIY Wooden Swimming Pool Kit for you ?
  • (New & Exclusive to Fun Fantastic)
  • 3.05m - 10ft (Internals) Fun Fantastic Wooden Octagonal Fun Pool
  • Full Wall Height 122cm / 4 foot / 48 inch
  • 44mm Thick Redwood Wooden Structure (quick inter-slotting assembly)
  • Can be submerged into ground, set up on the lawn or patio, (your choice even ground required)
  • 10 Year Warranty On Pool Walls (Wow !) Thick Wooden Top Shelf (excellent for guests to sit on when having garden parties)
  • 4mm Thick Felt Liner Underlay for Floor (helps protect the liner)16thou (0.375mm) Mid Blue Liner (replacement liners are readily available)
  • Intex 2000 Litres per hour Filter Pump (inc flexi hosing, hosetails, inlet & return fittings)
  • Easy to Follow, Step by Step Simple Photo Installation Guide
  • Holds approx. 6,350 Litres / 1400 Imperial Gallons
  • Quick Dispatch usually 5 to 7 working days from cleared payment on this model pool.
  • Suitable for Above Ground, In-ground, or semi Submerged Installation, indoor or outdoor
  • Made in Britain exclsuively for us in an ISO9001 Accredited Factory
  • Easy to transport in car if taking away to your holiday home abroad
Commissioned by Fun Fantastic UK Ltd (ourselves) and manufactured here in the UK in a British ISO9001 accredited industry leading factory, not only are you buying the best of British, you are buying a fantastic product that is readily available from UK stock available for Fast Overnight Dispatch from one of the countries leading On-Line Swimming Pool Retail Sales Companies at less than normal TRADE PRICE.

Fun Fantastic Wooden Fun Pools are built and delivered as a complete package on a pallet to your kerbside either from our own physical stocks or directly from the factory, normally within only 1 to 2 working days. Without doubt, these Wooden Fun Pools represent outstanding value and quality and offer customers an affordable and attractive wooden pool that will last for many years to come, we have seen nothing like it on the market here in the UK that is nearly the same quality for anything near what we sell these pools for.

We have gone back to the drawing board with this pool design and designed it completely from the bottom up with the end user in mind !

Tight on space and want to play ? Need to utilise every square foot of your inside room or outdoor courtyard, garden? Then consider our Wooden Octagonal Fun Pool, it is perfect for both tight space installations where it can be butt up in the corner, or installations where you have room to admire its beauty at the bottom of the garden from far away.

Fun Fantatsic Wooden Fun Pools are made of natural high grade timber; your wooden pool will blend beautifully into the landscape and give you years of pleasure. Fun Fantastic Wooden Fun Pools can be assembled above ground, they can also be fully or semi-submerged into the ground, they are often incorporated into a patios decking design to complement their finish further, or set into a rockery.

With this pools extended wall height of 122cm you have a deeper pool to swim in, this pool is ideal for families with younger and older children, or for those of you who want a pool on your patio that is not going to obstruct your beautiful garden views, semi submerging the pool will reduce its impact even further.

This pool package has been designed to make assembly of the pools walls and fitment of the liner as simple as possible and we have done as much as we can for you beforehand; if you can assemble a wooden garden shed, then with the same basic household tools such as an electric drill, screwdriver, mallet and Stanley knife, there should be no reason why you cannot erect one of our wooden pool kits in no time at all.

A brief introduction of what work is required ; (full fitting instructions accompany kit)
  • Select a level clean surface on your patio or grass, free from any stones and roots
  • Lay out and slot wooden wall profiles together and bang down with a mallet building up to top
  • Drill & screw moulded liner lock onto inside of top pool structure
  • Drill and screw top shelf to pool structure and fix strengthening blocks to side under top shelf
  • Lay out and cut felt liner underlay to size inside base of pool structure 
  • Fit returns to pool structure (holes already cut) feed liner bead into liner lock & fill 4" with water
  • Remove any creases in pool liner using your bare feet and cut liner returns in
  • Fill pool to approx 10cm from top or to whatever depth below this point that suits
  • Screw on Hose tails and connect pumps hoses (push fit)
  • Away you go
Depending on whether you are building alone or have the help of an abled somebody else, we would realistically expect you to spend 6 to 12 hours assembling the pools walls and fitting the liner, (plus the time it takes to fill). Remember the secret is in how level the base is that you choose to construct on and how square you plum the pool up.

Warranty Details

All Fun Fantastic Wooden Fun Pools are comprehensively backed by an industry leading 10 year manufacturer warranty on the pools walls, this pool has a 12 month warranty on the pools liner and on all other filtration and accessory equipment.

Fun Fantastic Wooden Fun Pools are probably the best value Wooden Pools that are Manufactured and sold in the UK today; we do not compromise on the thickness of the wooden profiles, these are all 44mm thick, exactly the same quality as all the factories other more expensive wooden pools that they have supplied us with over the years. Reliable quality wood has been sourced from the global supply chain that has been precision cut and pressure treated to the optimum standard.

All the structural wood is treated with TANALITH E Extra in the controlled conditions of a vacuum pressure impregnation plant to protect the wood against fungal rot and insect attack, ensuring a long service life, hence the ten year warranty on the wooden pool walls even if you fully submerge it into the ground. In fact, the pools one-piece top shelf which also helps strengthen the pools structure is further treated with a play park safe tanalizing treatment.

Customer Support

Over the years Fun Fantastic have supplied and installed thousands of pools all over the country and abroad, so you are buying from a company whose people really understand the products they are designing and selling, who have loads of hands on experience from building swimming pools to call on and know how to look after customers for the long term. After all, we commissioned this pool with the factory ourselves as we know what our previous and loyal customers prefer in terms of size, quality, cost and ease of assembly. 

This pool will also suit many customers with properties abroad as it can be transported in a car, each of the pools profile is only 140cm long, so you can break the pallet it arrives on down and load it to take with you in most average sized cars.

Image below is of the shallower 10ft x 36 inch Fun Pool, so please note this pool has a couple of extra planks than in picture.