Mosaic Tiled Composite Swimming Pools, manufactured by Signature Pool Products, Dubai


Backed with a comprehensive 10 year warranty on the shell, Signature Mosaic Tiled, one piece Composite Pools & Spas are manufactured by one of the industries world leaders and compete effortlessly at the top end of the swimming pool and spa market. With over 1000 successful installations to date, they are widely found in many of the top worldwide residential developments and hotels, as well as many private luxury homes.     

Signature Pools and Spas are precision formed in a mould in one of the latest state of the art factories in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, they are then tiled by hand to an exceptional standard before being shipped to the United Kingdom. With the careful precision and organisation of our logistic and lifting experts, each signature pool & Spa is collected from the docks and transported to a clients location where the pools are lifted onto a specially prepared base that has been excavated and prepared whilst the pool was in transit.

PDF / Signature Pool & Spa Sales Brochure


With a wide variety of shapes and sizes to choose from, including overflow, freeform & bespoke designs, Signature Pools with their high end standard specifications such as walk in steps and surround LED lighting, offer an excellent solution & choice for those customers who demand the highest build quality.

As Signature Pools & Spas are already formed in the factory, minimal work is required on site, installation times are therefore greatly reduced when compared to other types of pool installation.

Typical production and delivery time is usually in the region of 4 to 6 weeks, with another couple of weeks, (subject to clients final requirements) normally being required to finish the installation and pool surround area.