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50 Aquachek Swimming Pool Spa Chlorine pH Alkalinity Stabiliser Test Strips

Our Price: £9.95

Chlorine pH Alkalinity Stabiliser Testing

  • Aquachek Branding
  • Test for Ph & Chlorine
  • Total Alkalinity, Cyanuric Acid
  • Convieneant 50 strip Tub
  • Easy to Read
  • Fast Results
  • In-Ground Pools
  • Above Ground Pools
  • Spa's & Jacazzi's

Fun Fantastic & Aquachek Branded Pool & Spa Chemical and Water Treatments are exclusively available in a range of forms and quantities to suit the majority of Domestic Above Ground & In-ground Pool and Spa owners needs, both across the country and abroad.

Aquachek Test Strips are as accurate as Liquid Kits but faster and easier to use. Produced in a facility that makes test strips for the medical inductry under strict ISO9001 guidelines, Aquachek Test Strips are the worlds number 1 brand of pool and spa test strips.

Our 4 in 1 Aquachek Water Testers are extremely easy to read and guage, used for reading pH and Chlorine levels, they also indicate the Total Alkalinity & Cyanuric Acid levels in your swimming pool or spas water, these will suit customers looking to take more than just basic readings.

Just dip your tester strip directly into your swimming pool or spas water and then match the strip to your test guide printed on the outside of your test strip bottle, you will then be able to clearly see against the colour guide if you need to adjust your waters pH or Chlorine content.

The Fun Fantastic Pool & Spa Chemical & Water Treatment Brand Range is plain and simple to understand and use, which helps ensure that end users select the best product for their needs without getting confused by what product to buy and what product to use when.

Any questions Tel 0845 680 0854 or E mail sales@funfantastic.com